Our Mission

Sheila Simone California

Her aesthetic is effortless, timeless, jawdropping fashion.

Sheila Simone designs can take the modern women of all ages, shape and lifestyle from daytime to beach to evening and every where in between.

Resort Style, California Vibe, Fashionable, Comfy Clothes

Our promise to you!


Sheila is an inspiration

She wants to make sure that every guest visiting her website or buying her designs at their favorite retail store or boutique, has personalized service and advice on “what and how to wear her fashions”

Feel free to email her at [email protected]
for  complimentary personalized shopping assistance by Sheila herself. Sheila also insures the fabric and sewing of all clothing is of highest quality and standards. She will only sell the designs that she herself has “fallen in love with” and wants to share her excitement with you!

All her designs are proudly manufactured in the USA. Sheila herself can be seen modeling her clothing line. She takes pride in every little detail that goes into all her pieces. Anyone that has met Sheila knows that she is a fashion Icon and has a natural flare and love and for fashion and styling. She wears it well and wants to share her style secrets to women everywhere.

She believes age is just a number.

It’s all how you feel about yourself. Sheila feels her calling now is to inspire women all over the world , of all ages and sizes, to find their own fashion style of versatile pieces that work well in day to day life. She believes you are never too old to look and feel young at heart, and never to young to afford to dress like a celebrity.